Concept Exercises Videos

The videos on this page were intended to help students understand what kinds of exercises we do, and see the progression of them in developing principal-based skills. There are many more variations, but these are some of the more frequently practiced ones here.

Zig-zag drill

This is the basic zig-zag drill. It teaches the fundamentals of using the 90, and preparatory arts. It can be used in many ways to explore other concepts as well.

Zig-zag drill with wiki style yielding and off-balancing

As previously noted, the zig-zag drill can be used to explore many concepts. In this version, we are using it to explore the concept of aiki (harmony with energy), and using it to of-balance and redirect our opponent.

Zig-zag drill with striking

This is another version of the zig-zag drill, that teaches about the 90, and many other concepts. In this one the person defending is striking the attacker as they attack.

3/8s drill

This exercise has the defender doing hachihenkei fusegi jutsu, while an attacker throws punches. It helps the student better visualize how the octagon exercise can teach about the 90, in a specific, direct example.