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Here is the current curriculum for students at Defensive Arts Plus, revised as of March 2018. It is still undergoing improvements, but should still be useful in this current state.

This is the previous one, from March 2015 for reference

Curriculum V1.1 – March 29, 2015
General Electives List V1.1

Student Manual

This is Smith Sensei’s student manual from 2005. This will re re-written at some point, but there is still a lot of good info in it.

Student Manual

Movements of the Yang Style Tai Chi Short Form

Lin Sensei wrote up this summary of the names of the 40 movements in the Yang-Style Tai Chi short (or competition) form.

Yang Style Short Form 40 Movements

The Ten Essential Principles of Tai Chi

Lin Sensei assembled and edited this document on the ten essential principles of Tai Chi.

The 10 Essential Principles of Tai Chi

Tai Chi 13 Basic forms

This is an explanation of the 13 basic forms of Tai Chi, compiled, translated and annotated by Lin Sensei. Notice the similarities to Kosho: there are 8 directions, and then a grouping of 5 movements

1 Basic forms of Tai Chi

Tai Chi Forms Illustrated

Lin Sensei assembled these illustrations showing some of the basic Tai Chi movements.

Tai Chi Forms Illustrated

Karate and Beyond Terminology

This is a set of notes, by Lin Sensei on various terms we use in class, what their kanji are, and literal translations.

Karate and Beyond Terminology

What is Self Defense? By James M. Mitose

This Mitose Sensei’s first book, which I took off of the Tracy Kenpo web site, and turned it into a Word document, and then into a .pdf included here. Difficult book to get ahold of, and so many thanks to the Tracy Kenpo guys for “liberating” it.

What is Self Defense?

True and Pure Karate and Kenpo, By James M. Mitose

This is Mitose Sensei’s second book. Even more difficult to get ahold of than his first, as it contains many references to religion and such. It should be noted that we explicitly don’t teach the religion part, but this is still a very interesting read, as a piece of history if nothing else. This was a poor copy, and is missing some pages, so if anyone has a better copy, I would love to hear from you.

True and Pure Karate and Kenpo Pt1
True and Pure Karate and Kenpo Pt. 2

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