Dojo Overview

At Defensive arts Plus, you will gain the benefit of the experience of our three instructors, spanning many martial arts and many years of experience. This experience isn’t taught as a disparate collection of unrelated arts, it’s untied under a single curriculum and system of philosophies. We teach the principles behind the martial arts, not just the techniques, improving your ability for spontaneous and instinctive reactions.

We teach martial, and related non-martial arts (brush calligraphy, healing arts), with heavy influences form Kosho Shorei Ryu, the Shuto Society (Wado Ryu karate), Tai Chi and more. Benefits include:

Improve your confidence, stamina, and self discipline

Self defense

kicking, hand-strikes, throwing, joint locks and grappling.

Modern and traditional Japanese weaponry.

Adults and Children 6yrs. +


  1. Lauren McKinney

    Thank you for your efforts in creation of this thoughtful, expansive and detailed resource; it is very well organized work in motion.

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      Hello Lauren! I must apologize, I only just got your comment now. I really appreciate your kind comments. I try my best, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thank you, Frank Smith

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